Dr Mandy Buker, founder of Delicate Cosmetics is a General Practitioner with a special interest in aesthetic medicine, nutrition and integrative/functional medicine.

Dr Buker’s objective is to apply her gentle, artistic touch and advanced experience to enhance your natural beauty & give your self-confidence a boost.

Dr Buker obtained her medical degree in 2000 and worked as an independent private General Practitioner in South Africa before immigrating to the UK in 2005. She achieved her UK GP specialist degree in 2008 and pursued her passion to help her patients look and feel their best by completing training in various aesthetic procedures. Realizing that physical appearance is only one part of the total picture of health and that it’s very important to address the inside as well as the outside of the human body, Dr Buker studied Personalised Nutrition and obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Personalised Nutrition in 2015 to be able to offer a more holistic approach to addressing the ageing process.

We understand that experience and qualifications are vitally important when selecting an aesthetic doctor. Dr Buker has been offering cosmetic treatments for over 10 years at The National Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic and has developed a wealth of experience in this time. She is fully insured with Hamilton Fraser cosmetic insurance.

In today’s world appearance is a powerful and influential indicator of how we are perceived. We all age, and we rationally admit to ourselves that physical signs of ageing are inevitable. However, oftentimes the mirror does not reflect the same person we see in our mind’s eye.

Dr Buker recognizes the significant need to serve the resounding desire of her patients to look as young as they feel, without altering the integrity of those desirable and beautiful expressions that make each individual unique. Each therapeutic treatment is custom designed to the client’s individual skin condition, using progressive methods to erase physical manifestations of ageing and environmental skin damage.